Treasures of Tuscany is small olive oil importer with operations in Italy (Pistoia
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Treasures of Tuscany is a small
olive oil importer with operations
in Italy (Pistoia, Tuscany) and the
United States (Fairfax, Virgina).

Utilizing centuries old artisinal farming and
pressing techniques, Treasures of Tuscany
produces a limited number of oil each year, ensuring you
the best quality oil that your palate has yet to experience.

Partners Lisa Mushaw and Gianfranco Natali began working together in 2000, creating Treasures of Tuscany, An Epicurean Voyage food and wine excursions. Throughout the years of hosting the travel events, they decided to partner with a small, historic olive farm and offer the amazing olive oil of the region, not just to those fortunate enough to participate in the excursion, but to gourmands in the United States.

Lisa Mushaw-Principal/President
Gianfranco Natali-Principal/Chef 


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