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Treasures of Tuscany Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from oil
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Treasures of Tuscany Extra Virgin Olive Oil
comes from the oldest oil press still operating in the province
of Pistoia, Italy (region of Tuscany, Italy). The Oil
Press was established within the
ancient walls of the Castle of
Larciano by the middle of the
10th century.

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil
is Toscana I.G.P.
denominated and is
obtained from olives of
the Leccino and Frantoio
species, which are
handpicked in the
months of October
and November,
then pressed within
24 hours of

We use the traditional method of extracting
 olive oil from the fruit today as it was done thousands of years ago.
During harvest time the branches on the olive trees are hit to shake
 the olives loose from the trees and collected in nets on the ground
surrounding the trees. The olives are then taken to the mill. A giant
stone weighing several tons is used to crush the olives and pits into
 a mash.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained this way is softly fruity


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